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Sensei David Foreman began his Martial Arts training in Korea while serving in the Army; training and earning his black belt under Master Kang Ik Lee, who trained under Grandmaster Hwang Kee.

After returning home, he studied with renowned Goju Ryu Karate Instructor Glenn Keeney.  Sensei Foreman stayed true to his style of Tae Kwon Do but adapted and incorporated many positive training aspects of those he trained with.

Throughout the 70s and 80s Mr. Foreman continued his training and was actively competing in local, regional, and national competitions.  He trained and competed along side other world-renowned fighters such as Bill "Superfoot" Wallace.

Sensei Foreman opened his first Karate School in the early 70s and has been teaching ever since.  He has trained thousands of students and has earned the respect of local and national Martial Arts Organizations.

In 2015, Sensei Foreman established the Tournament Karate Association (TKA) after seeing the need for a strong, local tournament circuit.  He started it under the philosophy that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in friendly, well-sponsored Martial Arts competition without concern for the rising costs and decreased support that happens with so many other Tournament Organizers.

In 2020, he expanded the TKA to the national level, enlisting schools not just in Indiana but in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  He hopes to continue this growth throughout the region.